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Close the loop

When consumers research products online, the majority of purchases take place offline, either over a phone or in a store. Forrester Research, Yahoo, and comScore all reach the same conclusion—as much as 92% of purchases take place offline following online consumer activity, while most digital marketers target online conversions only. The inBeacon platform provides the tools to close the loop between online and offline.

Hyper target

Personal targeting is related to identification, registration of interests and behavioral history. Up so far behavioral history has been limited by data gathered from online activities like sites visited, purchases made, groups joined, etcetera. By leveraging iBeacons and inBeacons offline touchpoint management platform retailers, media agencies and employers gain an unprecedented power to blend data of behavior at offline facilities for better servicing the personal needs.

Be relevant

Too many people suffer from information overload and spam. To be successful, communication has to be personalized and speak to a specific person, with a specific need, at a specific point in his or her visitor journey.  Interaction can be triggered on a smartphone or via adapting the surroundings to a specific profile. The inBeacon platform addresses all of this by empowering organizations with proximity insight and a graphical designer to implement sophisticated context-sensitive business rules to be relevant at all time.

Add some simple lines of code and you are in business. Let us worry about the back-end stuff while you envision the best beacon experience

some of our amazing partners

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