Exterion Media is a leading Outdoor media company, that help advertisers to engage with the valuable, yet hard to reach Outdoor audience. In the Netherlands they have a wide range of advertising solutions spanning roadside and pedestrian environments, transport networks and retail spaces.

In the municipalities of Alkmaar, Purmerend and Heerhugowaard they have equipped 350 outdoor objects with beacons. These beacons have been registered, classified and tagged in Resono’s beacon management facility.

De Telegraaf news app is widely distributed in the Netherlands with over … million downloads. With little work De Telegraaf has embedded the Resono SDK to be beacon enabled and with little more work the Resono platform has been made interoperable with Telegraaf’s mobile advertising platform.

The beacon network has been leveraged for answering proximity questions such as

  • How often does a unique person see an advertisement?
  • How many see an advertisement from a car, a bike, or walking by?
  • How do people move from spot to spot through the city?
  • What are the actual number of people at a particular spot?

De Telegraaf has been sending proximity notifications offering premium subscriptions at the time they themselves were running an out of home advertising campaign and advertisers leveraged the capacity to retarget a out of home advertising seen by somebody into the Telegraaf app. By placing beacons in their own shops for the first time they gained insight into the total funnel:

  • How many have seen the out of home advertisement?
  • How many have opened the retargeted advertisement in De Telegraaf app?
  • How many have been visited the shop afterwards?
  • How many have redeemed the coupon?
Objects with beacons
square meter coverage
consumers walking past

Guy Grimmelt, Marketing & Business Development Director at Exterion Media:
We started the project in August 2015. With Resono and TMG National Media we not only have a strong and flexible platform but we have with De Telegraaf also prepared directly found one of the greatest new apps from the Netherlands to meet this challenge. Just the run has brought us a lot of teaching moments and it is tremendously exciting to now experience how it works in practice. In 2016 we will expand the beacon network to 6.000 objects.